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Became A Single Mother In An Instant

Thursday 13 July 2017 at 08:28 am.

Life is never easy for those who dream, but then I thought I was just dreaming when I got the phone call that my husband died from an accident at work, although there was some compensation coming from the company, until when would it last and I needed to get myself a career as being a housewife would not help me and our four kids survive the future. Being a well provided wife did not make me think to have a career nor even contemplate of finishing my degree in college as I thought everything was permanent not knowing that things might have a sudden turn and in an instant lose everything. Our savings would not be gone in an instant but then with the rising expenses and our needs it would soon run out and I needed to get a career as soon as possible. You can find more details on Grants for single moms on the site singlemotherguide.com.

During this time, I could not be choosy as I would be grateful that someone would give me a decent job and soon I can climb up the ladder of success given the chance to prove how much I was worth. And aside from my current job, I was receiving Grants for single mothers as I applied and qualified for it and it did help us in our monthly expenses and was so grateful for it as I would not know how will I make the ends meet without the grant.

My kids did feel that changes and they too understood that we need to tighten the budget a bit until my career would improve and a good thing that they adjusted with the situation well and was able to extend their help in their little ways like being thrift and studying well which makes me a very happy mother and I am sure their dad would be proud of them.

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